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Springwell Iron Filter For Water Full Review

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If you have well water in your home, you are probably familiar with orangish-red stains on in the toilets and the rotten egg smell from the sulfur. While iron in water won’t kill you, it is an annoying issue and can cause problems with appliances and stained clothing. Also, you probably don’t want to drink it, much less serve it to your guests! Thankfully, this common water issue can be easily resolved with a well water filter system.

Backed with 20 years of experience in improving water quality, SpringWell stands behind their conviction that every family deserves the purest water possible. Using the newest technologies in water filtration, SpringWell features its Whole House Well Filter, which will filter out iron, manganese, sulfur, or a combination of these contaminants to produce great-tasting and smelling water with no drop in water pressure.

Key Features of the Springwell Whole House Well Filter

The SpringWell Whole House Well Filter uses innovative technology to filter water. The SpringWell Air Injection Oxidizing Filter System features a single tank with a four-stage design that effectively removes iron, sulfur, and manganese. By utilizing just one tank, your maintenance costs will be minimal.

The AIO system maintains an “air pocket” at the top of the tank. First, the water passes through the air pocket, oxidizing the iron, sulfur, and manganese. The oxidized material is then trapped in the bed of green fusion before the system backwashes it out down a drain and resets the air pocket. This regeneration process ensures that the sulfur smell is gone from your water. The Empress Vortech Tank guarantees fast, thorough cleansing of the bed so that it is ready to filter water again. The fresh, clear water is then distributed through your faucets.

SpringWell utilizes Bluetooth technology, which gives you complete control over the system’s settings from your mobile device. Through this technology, you can adjust your filter’s settings, such as the backwash cycles, valve settings, timing, and more. The electric control valve is automatic, so once you program it, you can pretty much forget about it. You can also view current water usage or past water usage from your device. You can conveniently control your settings and save thousands of gallons of water each year!

This well water filter is available in two models: the WS1 for 1-4 bathrooms and the WS4 for more than four bathrooms. The WS1 is slightly smaller with a tank width of 10 inches, while the WS4 is 13 inches in width. Both models are 64 inches in height, require an operating pressure of 25-80 PSI and an operating temperature of 36-120 F.

A drop in water pressure is a common complaint about water filtration systems: SpringWell addresses this issue with their claim of “no drop in water pressure,” and customer reviews confirmed this. Most water filtration systems feature a standard GPM of 7 for a 1-4 bathroom unit. SpringWell’s 1-4 bathroom unit features 12 GPM, while the 4-6 bathroom unit has a 20 GPM rate!

Some well water systems are loud, which can be startling and annoying. SpringWell features a slow release of the compressed air charge before the backwash cycles, so you won’t hear any loud noises coming from this filter, which is a plus.

An optional  UV Water Purification System can be added to this filter. Using UV technology, this purification system will kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria and viruses, including E.coli, Cryptosporidium, and Giardia lamblia, so if this is a type of purification system you need, check it out.

What Does the SpringWell Whole House Well Filter Remove?

This filter will remove up to 8 PPM of hydrogen sulfide, up to 7 PPM iron, and 1 PPM manganese.

What Comes with the SpringWell Whole House Well Filter?

With this system, you will get an installation kit with all the parts you need in order to successfully install the filter, including the following:

  • Well water filter tank
  • Electric head for filter
  • 50 ft. drain line
  • Power supply
  • Hose clamp
  • MNPT fittings
  • Bypass valve

You will also receive a detailed user installation manual and helpful customer support from SpringWell if needed. Customers consistently raved about the quality of this company’s customer support team. Additionally, SpringWell offers an impressive 6-month money-back guarantee and a limited lifetime warranty on all tanks and valves.

What to Expect with the SpringWell Iron Well Filter

First of all, SpringWell offers free same-day shipping, so as soon as your order your filter, know that it is pretty much on its way!

SpringWell is straightforward about the fact that you may need to hire a professional to install this system. While this may seem like an extra, costly step, at least they say that upfront since many companies withhold such information. However, they do say that if you are already familiar with plumbing and piping and you have some DIY experience with such projects, you can probably install the system on your own. SpringWell even offers a video installation guide, which is helpful.

Once installed, you will start seeing the benefits of this filter. Since this filter addresses sulfur, manganese, and iron, you will no longer see orangish-red stains on your appliances; instead, they will be clean and bright. Your food will taste better since studies have shown that clean water used while cooking produces stronger, delicious flavors. Your water will be clean and taste great, and maybe even best of all, no more rotten egg smell! This also means you won’t need to buy bottled water, which will ultimately save you money.

  • Removes up to 8 PPM of hydrogen sulfide, up to 7 PPM iron, and 1 PPM manganese
  • Innovative Bluetooth technology makes this system extremely easy to use
  • No drop in water pressure
  • Comes with a complete installation kit
  • ncludes a 6-month satisfaction guarantee/lifetime warranty
  • The kit does not include a replacement filter
  • If you have no plumbing knowledge, you may need to hire a plumber to install this system

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