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Does Zero Water Filters Remove Fluoride?

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Do Zero Water filter out fluoride? With over 99% of all fluoride in your water removed after filtering, we can confidently say that Zero Water filters fluoride from your water.

If you’re worried about the fluoride levels in your water, you should find a filtration system that fits your needs. If fluoride alone is your utmost concern, Zero Water filters are an excellent fit.

Does Zero Water Filter Fluoride From Water?

Zero Water Pitcher
Zero water pitcher

Yes, Zero Water filters remove 99% of all fluoride particles in your tap water. To achieve such a stunning result, Zero Water engineered a 5-stage filter, instead of using a 2-stage filter, which is the industry average.

The 5-stage filter consists of:

  • Stage 1 Coarse Filter Screen: Removes any particulates, like dust, that make your water look cloudy.
  • Stage 2 Foam Distributor: Removes any remaining particulates that the coarse filter misses.
  • Stage 3 Multi-Layer Activated Carbon and Oxidation-Reduction Alloy: Removes any organic compounds, including chlorine, pesticides, and mercury. It also helps slow or stop the growth of bacteria.
  • Stage 4 Dual Comprehensive Ion Exchange Resin: Removes metals and other inorganic compounds, like fluoride.
  • Stage 5 Ultra Fine Screen and Non-Woven Membrane Layers: Holds the Ion Exchange Resin in place while also removing the final particulates that may have slipped through the filtering system.

With all five stages, the Zero Water filter can filter out the majority of particles from your drinking water. Whether you’re worried about the amount of lead or fluoride in your tap water, Zero Water has you covered.

So, does Zero Water filters remove fluoride? Yes, their pitcher and faucet-mount filters remove significant amounts of fluoride from tap water. Now, how effective are Zero Water filters in removing fluoride?

How Effective are Zero Water Filters in Removing Fluoride?

To find out how well Zero Water filters out fluoride from tap water, I used my trusty digital fluoride meter from Exstik. Although you may be able to find this tool at your local hardware store, you’ll have more luck finding it online.

The Exstik fluoride meter has a sensing electrode at the bottom of the device. To test the water quality, all you need to do is hold the electrode in a small amount of water until a reading comes onto the screen, usually within a minute.

The Exstik measurement system is in parts per million (PPM). According to the EPA, the maximum allowable amount of fluoride in drinking water is 4 PPM, although filtered water should have much lower levels.

So, for this test, I filled a small bowl with tap water and another bowl with filtered water I poured from my Zero Water pitcher. Now, fluoride levels depend on what community you’re in and the climate, so everyone will have different readings on their meters. With that in mind, let’s get into the results.

My unfiltered tap water had a reading of 0.95 PPM. My filtered water had a reading of 0 PPM. These were surprising results for two reasons. In general, people’s fluoride levels are closer to 0.6 PPM in unfiltered water, so mine being so high was a little shocking.

The other surprising result was how effectively Zero Water filtered out the fluoride in the water. I repeated this test two more times and came to the same result. I expected Zero Water to reduce the amount of fluoride I was drinking, but I didn’t expect the filter to remove nearly all of the fluoride present in my drinking water.

So, how much does Zero Water filter fluoride from tap water? Zero Water proved to me that their filters are an effective and fast way to remove any harmful amounts of fluoride that may be in your water.

Other Filters That Remove Fluoride

Although fluoride is one of the most common compounds people want to filter out of their water, that doesn’t mean every filter is capable of doing it. Aside from the Zero Water filter, let’s go through some other brands to see how they compare.



According to those who’ve done tests similar to mine, Pur filters filter out over 99% of all fluoride from your drinking water. Pur works with a similar filter to Zero Water, although there are some crucial differences.

Instead of using a 5-stage filter, Pur only uses a 3-stage filter. The first stage captures any loose sediment, while the second stage is an activated carbon micro-filter. The second stage filters out the main contaminants. The third stage is a mineral filter to give your water a natural taste.



Neither the Brita basic or long-last filters remove fluoride from your tap water. I included Brita here because it’s a common misconception that their filters can remove fluoride from your water. In reality, neither of their filters has the capabilities to do that.



Berkey is a niche water filter producer, but they offer some of the highest quality water filters in the USA. They have countertop pitchers and a travel model. Their newly introduced filter, the PF-2, filters out both fluoride and arsenic.

Clearly Filtered


Clearly Filtered is a water filtration company that saw a common problem in the industry—not enough filters remove the less-known contaminants. That’s why their filters can remove over 270 different contaminants, including fluoride, from your water.

According to the Clearly Filtered website, their filters remove over 99% of all fluoride found in your tap water. Their filters have an abundance of internal surface area, which helps the water come into contact with the filtering apparatus. The result is perfectly filtered water every time.


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