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Best Water Filter Pitchers & Dispensers

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Water filter pitcher is a Point-Of-Use (POU) filtration system that offers clean water to the home. This Jug shaped filter is common in most homes thanks to its portability and affordable price.

After evaluating numerous pitchers, we determined the best water filter pitcher to be the Clearly Filtered Pitcher which offers up to 99.7% removal of over 232 water contaminants. WaterDrop and Aquagear are also quality water pitcher brands to consider.

Note: If you’re looking for treat alkaline water , have a look at our best alkaline water pitcher guide.

Water Filter Pitcher Comparison
  • pH Adjustment: No
  • Capacity (Cups): 10
  • Weight (lbs): 3
  • pH Adjustment: No
  • Capacity (Cups): 10
  • Weight (lbs): 2.3
  • pH Adjustment: No
  • Capacity (Cups): 10
  • Weight (lbs): 1
  • pH Adjustment: No
  • Capacity (Cups): 8
  • Weight (lbs): 3.02
  • pH Adjustment: No
  • Capacity (Cups): 10
  • Weight (lbs): 2.88

Which Water Filter Pitcher Removes the Most Contaminants?

The water filter pitcher that removes the most contaminants is the Clearly Filtered Pitcher. It has capacity to remove 99.7% of water contaminants.

Clearly Filtered Pitcher covers all of the fundamentals very well, including the use of materials that are non-toxic or chemical leeching, as well as a highly filtering technology that delivers the most pure water when compared to other manufacturers. See test result OR Check latest price.

Best Water Filter Pitcher Reviews

1. Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher with Affinity Filtration Technology


In our opinion, the best water filter pitcher is the Clearly Filtered Pitcher with Affinity Technology. Many water filter pitcher brands feature pretty designs and low prices, but they fall short on filtration performance.

Cleary Filtered is a water filtration brand that prioritizes aggressive filtration and water quality above all else, as seen in the Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher with Affinity Filtration Technology. This pitcher employs multiple filtration stages to remove 99.7% of more than 232 contaminants while leaving healthy minerals such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium in the water.

The multi-layer filtration stages include woven, stainless steel mesh screen, granulated coconut carbon, and a composite shell made from 7+ filtration materials that allow the filter maximum contact time with the water. This powerful filter removes fluoride, lead, BPA, glyphosate, PFOAs, hormones, and over 232 tap water contaminants. It is the only water pitcher independently tested to all NSF standards 42, 53, 244, 401, and 473. Check out the performance data sheet here.

Clearly Filtered’s water pitcher is designed and built in the USA from 100% BPA free medical-grade Tritan materials. Another cool design feature is the built-in “water dam,” which ensures unfiltered water from the reservoir doesn’t spill out when you’re pouring. The large, easy to grip, comfortable handle is also a plus.

The pitcher will hold 80 oz/ten cups of filtered water. The filter capacity is 100 gallons, an average of four months, depending on usage. This pitcher does not include a filter replacement indicator, but if you sign up for the filter subscription program, the company will deliver a filter replacement filter at 10% of the retail every 2-6 months (you choose the time frame dependent on use). Cleary Filtered also features a 30-day money-back guarantee, a lifetime guarantee, and free shipping.

  • Removes 232+ contaminants
  • NSF tested to standards 42, 53, 244, 401, 473
  • Long-lasting 100 gallon filter
  • Ten-cup capacity and “no spill design” lid
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • No replacement notification
  • A little more expensive than other brands

2. Waterdrop Chubby 10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher


Waterdrop features the Chubby 10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher with an effective seven-stage filtration system that removes chlorine, taste, odor, heavy metals, fluoride, limescale, and other contaminants while retaining all the good minerals. With this pitcher, you will get healthy, great-tasting water for a great price.

Made from high-grade BPA-free plastic and complete with an ergonomically designed wooden handle, this pitcher is made to last and convenient to use. The easy refill lid will ensure that you can fill up the pitcher without removing the cover while also protecting water from dust and other particles. The fast water flow rate is also a plus. It takes only one minute after filling the pitcher to produce ten-cups of filtered water. The innovative design allows you to easily store this pitcher in the door of your refrigerator.

The impressive 200-gallon filter capacity lasts approximately three months—5X longer than other water filter pitchers! The gravity induction indicator displays a  smart LED reminder alerting you when it’s time to replace the filter while producing water quality in real-time. You can buy 3-pack replacement filters from Waterdrop to ensure you always have one on hand when needed.

Waterdrop also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, a 3-month quality assurance guarantee, and free shipping. The Chubby 10-Cup Filter Pitcher is a cost-effective choice: it replaces over 1600 standard 16-oz water bottles and it at a great price!

The only drawbacks on this pitcher are the wooden handle does not include a sealed finish, so it may be hard to clean. While the pitcher is designed to fit into most refrigerators, some customers say it is bulky and doesn’t fit in their fridge doors.

  • Effective seven-stage filtration (also removes fluoride)
  • 200-gallon filter life
  • Smart LED measures water quality
  • Easily refill lid protects against spills and leaks
  • Great price + impressive guarantees
  • Wooden handle is not sealed
  • May not fit in fridge door

3. ZeroWater 10 Cup Pitcher


Featuring one of the most trusted water filters on the market, the ZeroWater 10 Cup Pitcher is a BPA-free and NSF-certified pitcher that is big enough to serve an entire family. Made by one of the most trusted brands in the home water filtration industry, ZeroWater 10 Cup Pitcher models are built with durable blue plastic and long, narrow filters that get the job done.

If you have a large family and want to reduce the amount of lead and other heavy metals in your drinking water without tampering with its natural pH balance, this product provides the perfect solution.

Although we were skeptical at first due to its low price point, the ZeroWater 10 Cup pitcher filtered out all our water contaminants without getting any black bits in the basin.

Best of all, the original ZeroWater five-stage filtration process is among the most thorough in the industry. When we first discovered this filter pitcher we were skeptical about whether it could match Brita in quality given its affordable price point, but we were pleasantly surprised.

  • It provides excellent, five-stage filtration quality
  • It does not alkalize water or tamper with its natural pH balance
  • It is large enough for a mid-size family
  • It is sold at a very competitive price point
  • It only comes with one filter head
  • The filters are very long and can be difficult to install quickly


There is a lot to love about the classic, budget-friendly ZeroWater pitcher. If you want the best water filter pitcher for a family of 3 to 5 at an affordable price, we suggest checking out this product.

4. Aquagear B016 Filter


Featuring a slick, cream-white design and a long ergonomic handle, the Aquagear B016 is one of the leading water filter pitchers to hit the market in the last couple of years.

From both a design and health perspective, the B016 is one of the best investments you can make in a water pitcher thanks to its superior durability, modern kitchen-complementing look, and great filtration.

The B016’s advanced NSF-certified filter removes 2000% more contaminants than Brita filters, including fluoride, chromium 6, chloramines, mercury, and other potentially dangerous additives. Tested in Flint, Michigan for lead and copper reductions, this filter performs at levels unseen in most other standard water filter pitchers.

Best of all, this system is 100% BPA-free and FDA-approved, making it safe for repeat use for many years. Unlike Brita filters, the B016’s is approved for 150 gallons of filtration, making it a great long-term investment if you want to maximize your savings.

To top it all off, you get an extended manufacturer’s warranty on breakage when you buy the B016.

  • Lifetime, same-day customer support is included with every purchase
  • It features a five-stage filter with dual micron pores for advanced filtration
  • It does not remove healthy trace minerals like magnesium or calcium
  • Made in the USA
  • It is 100% BPA-free, FDA-approved, vegan, and recyclable
  • After a few days, the flow rate may decrease significantly


If you value health benefits and high-level particle filtration over taste, the Aquagear B016 is the clear choice in our books.

Although the taste and texture might fall short in comparison to Brita, Big Berkeley, and other big brands, you simply can’t beat this tough filter that weeds out chromium, chloramine, and much more.

5. Invigorated Water pH RESTORE


Made by the water experts at Invigorated Water, the pH RESTORE provides top-of-the-line value at a more affordable price point (and it still includes two replacement filters!).

The 3.5L model holds a 118 oz supply of water and features alkaline ionized filtration to enhance taste and improve your health with every glass poured.

Although we were somewhat skeptical at first given the price and the fact that Invigorated Water throws in two free filters, we were pleasantly surprised when we unboxed it. You can tell right away that this filter pitcher holds up to its competitors in the Brita and ZeroWater. This is because the multi-stage filter packs a “Zerolite” ion exchange resin filter for enhanced purity.

The UV-filtered water tastes exactly as you would expect from a premium filter pitcher, plus the pH RESTORE is designed with space conservation and ergonomics in mind.

Overall, we think this is the best water filter pitcher for those who want a budget-friendly solution that will give them possibly a year of filtration without having to purchase replacement filters.

  • It features a modern-looking, compact form factor
  • It alkalizes water to remove bacteria and viruses
  • It is highly affordable compared to rival brands
  • It boasts a huge filter capacity at 1500 cups per PH001 filter
  • Ion exchange processes increase pH balance of drinking water
  • The filters may not last as long as some other leading brands
  • The filtered water has a distinct taste where Brita’s is more subtle


For top-notch water filtration at a price that won’t break the bank, we suggest checking out the Invigorated Water pH RESTORE. Not only will it improve your water’s taste and pH balance, but it also comes with two extra water filters for long-term use.

6. Reshape Water RW-ALK


Taking a whole new spin on the traditional water filter pitcher, the Reshape Water completely re-imagines the form factor while staying true to its original function. The Reshape Water has a 3.5L liter capacity—the same as most commercial water pitchers—and it comes with two replacement filters that easily attach to the main pitcher.

The main standout feature of Reshape Water is that it features a jet black design, which is unusual for household water filter pitchers. It is also taller and skinnier than most others. However, there is no functional difference between this pitcher and other leading brands, except for its lower price.

Featuring a proprietary BPA-free filtration system, with this pitcher you never have to worry about consuming dangerous free radicals or UV-damaged water. Plus, this device reduces fluoride levels and other added chemicals.

  • This filter removes oxidation from water for greater purity
  • Peace of mind is offered by the 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • It comes with two replacement filters
  • Backed by independent US-based scientific research
  • It may not be as durable and long-lasting as other leading filter pitchers


For those budget-minded shoppers who want to stretch their money as far as it can go, Reshape Water is a great choice. Plus, the decent filtration performance and unique design suggest that you won’t have to sacrifice cost for quality.

7. Brita Grand Water Pitcher


Widely known as the water pitcher that kickstarted the whole industry, the Brita Grand Water Pitcher features an easily recognizable white design and excellent tasting water filtration.

Although it is available in many colors including red, orange, and green, the Brita Grand pitcher is instantly recognized for its classic look and great-tasting water quality.

At a competitive price point, this product includes the pitcher basin itself and two filters. It is also BPA-free, so you do not have to worry about nasty chemicals leaking into the plastic. Instead, all you get with a Brita filter is superior water quality that tastes fantastic and noticeably cleaner than knock-off brands.

If you want to invest in a tried-and-true water filter pitcher that has been enjoyed by countless families around the world, the Brita Grand should be your go-to option. Best of all, each filter can cycle 40 gallons of tap water before needing to be replaced.

  • Its lightweight design weighs only 2.48 pounds for easy handling
  • Because you don’t have to install a second faucet, the installation process is actually very fast and easy.
  • The classic Brita filter indicator clearly shows users when the filter needs replacement
  • A long, soft-grip handle makes for a firm grip and less spillage
  • Each filter head can be used to filter up to 40 gallons before replacement
  • It only comes with one replacement filter instead of two


You cannot go wrong by investing in the most well-known home water filter brand in the world. The Brita Grand Water Pitcher is one of the best water filter pitcher devices on the market regarding sales, all thanks to its superior performance and ergonomic design.

8. BWT Water Filter Pitcher


The BWT Water Filter Pitcher is one of the best water filter pitchers on the market, especially if you consider how many awards it was won from design and consumer product shows lately.

Their patented water filtration system is a step ahead of the competition because it utilizes magnesium concentrates to reduce chlorine and heavy waters in the water.

Thanks to its incredible filtration quality, the BWT Water Filter Pitcher has won the Red Dot Design 2014, the EESC European Award 2014 and Best Product of the Year 2013. BWT adds a healthy amount of magnesium to the filtered water because most adults are deficient in magnesium. Therefore, there are tangible health benefits to drinking from this filter.

Unlike other leading brands, water filtered by BWT Water Filter Pitcher will not leave black bits or contaminants in your drinking water. For that reason alone, we think that this product is worth checking out.

  • The BWT filter system adds magnesium to the water for increased energy and vitality
  • BWT filtered water features flavor carriers which makes it better for tea and coffee crema
  • Every pitcher is built with silver for antimicrobial protection
  • Silver and magnesium additives help the filters last longer before replacement
  • There is a distinctive, subtle taste to BWT filtered water


For the superior health benefits provided by the magnesium contained in BWT Water Filter Pitcher systems, health-minded shoppers might want to consider picking up this pitcher. Plus, it has a whole slew of European product awards to back it.

9. PUR 7 Cup Ultimate


The PUR 7 Cup Ultimate provides excellent performance at a value-minded price point. Recognized for its unique sky-blue aesthetic, this is one of the best water filter pitchers for removing mercury from drinking water.

Therefore, those who access well water that may have high mercury levels, the PUR 7 Ultimate is a smart choice.

Although it only includes one water filter in the box, you will be surprised by how long this filter lasts. With nearly the same usage levels, our PUR 7 Ultimate filter outlived our Brita filter by almost a month. In our books, this product qualifies as one of the best filter pitchers for longevity and value.

When it is finally time to purchase a new water filter head, you will be pleasantly surprised by how affordable the replacement filters are. With an easy-to-read filter health indicator at the top of the lid, which tells you exactly when to replace your filter.

Between exchanges, you should be able to squeeze over 40 gallons worth of use out of each.

  • Features an eye-catching PUR blue internal design
  • The advanced PUR filter removes more than 95% of mercury and chlorine
  • The PUR 7 Ultimate is sold at an affordable price point
  • The filter lid informs users of when the filter expires
  • The handle is a bit too thin for large hands to comfortably grip


Overall, the PUR 7 Cup Ultimate is worth investing in for its easy-to-read LED filter status light and unique pitcher design.

If you want to reduce chlorine and mercury in your drinking water, there is perhaps no better option than the PUR Ultimate series.

10. DRAGONN pH Restore


The DRAGONN pH Restore is the king of budget-friendly water filter pitchers that still packs a mean punch when it comes to contamination protection.

Storing up to 3.5L of water in its main basin, this water pitcher alkalizes water and removes lead, chlorine, copper and more chemicals. Also, this product adjusts pH levels for the best tasting cup every time.

DRAGONN lets you know about the various benefits of drinking alkalized water from the minute you read the box. For instance, pH-balanced water lowers the number of free radicals in the water while also added powerful antioxidants to bring down inflammation and other health ailments. In other words, it is a great choice for health-minded shoppers.

Micro-clustered molecules are loaded in every DRAGONN filter for ultra-dense filtration. Whereas other brands will leave nasty black bits and leftover filter pieces in your water, you never have to worry about accidentally consuming contaminants with this product.

Instead, all you get is pure, filtered water at a competitive price.

  • Ultra-dense micro-clustered molecule filtration system
  • An easy pour spout creates the perfect pour without spills or messes
  • All pitchers are 100% BPA-free
  • Alkalizes water to remove lead, mercury, and copper
  • Boosts the pH status of the water for added health benefits
  • Only one water filter comes in the box


If you want a value-oriented water filter pitcher that helps improve your immune system through alkalization, this water filter pitcher is the ideal choice. Unfortunately, this minimalist pitcher only comes with one water filter, but the affordable price more than justifies that deficiency.

11. Brita Large 10 Cup Pitcher


One of the largest and most well-known home water pitchers is the Brita Large 10 Cup Pitcher. This device comes in a variety of fun colors while still packing all the filtration power that you would expect from the Brita brand.

Although it only weighs 2.48 pounds, this lightweight filter can hold up to ten cups of filtered water in its basin—enough for the whole family to enjoy.

Like all Brita filters, this pitcher comes with a handy LED filter change reminder on the lid. This indicator light displays when the pitcher filter needs to be replaced, which is a great addition if you are forgetful and tend to be unsure of when to exchange filters.

Ergonomically designed, the Brita Large 10 Cup Pitcher is a fantastic water pitcher if you need a device that will easily fit in your small fridge or your small hands. The handle features numerous ridges to keep your grip firm and reduce preventable spills and mishaps.

Overall, we have been extremely satisfied with the performance, taste, and value from this family-friendly pitcher.

  • Premium filtration quality provided by expert Brita engineers
  • Filter change reminders let you know when to exchange the filter head
  • Creates a subtle taste change for those who like a natural drinking water flavor
  • On average, each Brita filter lasts 2.5 times as long as ZeroWater filters
  • There is only one filter head included in the box
  • Sometimes black filter particles (non-toxic) can seep into the water supply


If you do not mind the occasional piece of black charcoal filter float down into your water, the Brita Large 10 Cup Pitcher is one of the best water filter pitchers for your money.

Made by the trusted Brita brand, there are few options better for jumbo water filters that can satisfy the whole family.

12. Lake Industries Alkaline Pitcher


The Lake Industries Alkaline Pitcher is a serviceable option for those who want uncompromising filtration at an attractive price. Unlike other brands, Lake Industries have invented an all-new seven-stage cartridge that filters water using ion exchange and mineral balls for deep cleansing.

These filters can remove zinc, copper, lead, and over 90% of pollutants.

Featuring a tapered, narrow basin and a sleek blue design, the Lake Industries Alkaline Pitcher positively affects your water’s pH balance. By harnessing the power of positive ions, your water can become healthier through the addition of antioxidants and the elimination of cancer-causing free radicals.

In other words, Lake Industries filtered water gives your health a boost.

For those who want to eliminate toxins, improve the taste and quality of their water, and get all of these benefits at an attractive price, the Lake Industries pitcher may be worth checking out.

  • Filters via a patented seven-stage ion exchange process
  • Adjusts your water’s pH balance for improved taste and purity
  • Features a sleek blue design
  • It is made from high-quality transparent plastic that is BPA-free 
  • You need to remember to take the stickers off the bottom of the filter
  • A bit smaller than some competitor models


The Lake Industries Alkaline Pitcher works exactly as advertised—providing fresh, alkaline water to help improve your health and the taste of your drinking water. For small households with one to three inhabitants, you cannot go wrong with trusting this product.

What are Water Filter Pitchers?

A filtered pitcher takes the familiar concept of a water pitcher and adds a filtering mechanism, usually in the form of a replaceable filter cartridge. This cartridge filters out common contaminants and chlorine from tap water, making it safer, fresher, and tastier to drink.

Unlike a water filtration system that requires an installation (typically as an add-on to your kitchen sink), a water filter pitcher simply goes in your refrigerator like a standard pitcher, and the only required maintenance is changing the filter cartridges when they need replacing.

There are many varieties of filtered pitchers on the market. They cover a range of filtration levels and pitcher design, so there’s something for everyone.

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Top Benefits Of Water Filter Pitchers

The key benefit of water filter pitchers is safer and more enjoyable drinking water for you and your family. The cartridges filter out potential organic and inorganic contaminants that may adversely affect the taste and safety of the water.

Water filter systems are an option, too. While they work well, they can also be complex, expensive, and difficult to maintain. The filtered pitcher is a simple solution and is easy to maintain.

The filter cartridges are easy to replace so that you keep your drinking water safe. Some even have replacement indicators to let you know when it’s time for a new filter. (Most will advertise how long their filters last, so keep an eye out for that as you compare and contrast choices in the market.)

The pitchers themselves are easy to use and don’t take up a lot of space. Simply put the pitcher in your fridge, grab it when you need a drink, or refill it from the tap. Some are large, which is great for a family. But if you prefer to have one that fits on the door, keep that in mind when making your choice.

They also aren’t expensive upfront. Filters typically last for quite awhile and are good for many refills. With reduced use of plastic bottles, you’ll also be curbing your environmental footprint considerably.

How Do Water Filter Pitchers Work?      

According to this CDC article, pitchers contain a cartridge to filter out contaminants and other suspended solids. Depending on the model, the process has multiple steps and varying levels of removal. The filters usually have multiple layers that make it harder for contaminants to carry through from the tap to when the water filters through to the pitcher.

Filtration systems in a water pitcher tend to have a few physical layers, coupled with a carbon filter layer for several varieties of absorption. A common physical layer is an accordion-style filter (similar to air filters, furnaces, and vacuums). It acts as a physical barrier to trap contaminants.

Then there’s the next line of defense in water filtration: the carbon layer, which absorbs many of the impurities commonly found in tap water. With this step, water pollutants become trapped in the pores of the carbon.

When a carbon layer is present, you typically have to flush the filter with cold water to remove carbon sediment, so the filter “settles.” Because of the multiple layers to the filtering process, water pours slower from the filter to the pitcher itself than it would when directly flowing from a tap. That is to be expected. The tradeoff is worth it; slow water flow during the filtration process, leading to cleaner, safer drinking water as the final product.

Generally, the more complex the filtering system and its layers of defense, the more contaminants are removed. One layer will filter out some; the next layer will filter out others. That typically means a more expensive replacement filter, too, and a potential impact on the flavor of the water, as we’ll talk about in the next section.

Filters are designed for specific types of water, too. It’s good to know what kind of water you have access to from your home: soft water, hard water, water from a well, and so on. Armed with that information as you research the options, you’ll be able to determine the best kind of filtered pitcher for your specific needs.

What Contaminants Do Water Filter Pitchers Remove?

When considering a filtered water pitcher, you must look at what contaminants the filter removes from your drinking water.

One baseline measure that the companies refer to and many reviewers use is the Total Dissolvable Solids (TDS) levels, a measure of the organic and inorganic solids detected in tap water. Many companies advertise a TDS level their filtered pitcher will provide, and some even include a measuring device to confirm the TDS levels in their filtered water.

Before we dive into this subject further, keep in mind that not all TDS are created equally; fluoride, for example, is technically a TDS but is typically added to water for health and taste benefits.

However, other TDS can be harmful, and filter pitchers are great at removing most of these. Examples include salts, minerals, metals (especially lead), bacteria, and other contaminants that influence taste, such as chlorine, zinc, and hydrogen sulfide. Some filters may also be tailored to removing common contaminants in well water, such as mercury buildup.

Overwhelmed by the variety of choices? Many pitchers have a certification to let you know what kinds of contaminants they remove. Most mid-range options on the market provide adequate TDS removal for most people. 

Some water filter pitchers are pretty aggressive at removing TDS. This process technically leads to purer drinking water but can also affect the taste. If you’re in an area where standard TDS fluorides are added, and you use an aggressive filter, you may be surprised at the difference in the taste. It’s an option, but you may initially need to adjust to the new flavor of pure water.

Pre-Purchase Considerations

There’s a lot that you need to look out for when searching for a top quality filter pitcher.

For example, size, form factor, design, ergonomics, and filter quality are also major factors—and what the heck is “alkaline” anyway? To make it a bit easier for you, we broke down our main takeaways below:

  • Alkaline water is pH-adjusted which some claim to hold special immune system benefits
  • Top brands like Brita and ZeroWater do not adjust alkaline levels in their water
  • Look for BPA-free and NSF-certified plastic pitchers for additional peace of mind
  • LED filter indicators on the lid help remind you when to exchange your filter head
  • Always look for brands that include a replacement filter or two
  • Not all filters remove fluoride from water, an additive used to improve dental hygiene


Hopefully, the tips, suggestions, and recommendations provided above can offer you a good starting point for scoring the best deal and getting a pitcher you love. However, your final decision will ultimately come down to your household size and available space in your fridge.

Before you leave , you might be interested in our other articles on water filtration such as the best faucet water filter and Countertop water filter reviews.

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