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Water Filtration Guide

Water filters are a popular home and office accessory for properly treating water before consumption or use. Browse our collection of articles that will teach you everything you need to know about water filtration.

Water Filters Product Research

Whole House Water Filters: A Standard Point-of-Entry (POE) water filter is a must have for every home. We analyzed the best brands available and provided a list of things to consider before buying.

Under Sink Water Filters: Under the Kitchen’s sink can be a great place to fit a water filtration system. We explore the different options available for this setup.

Water Filter For Iron: Do you have high iron levels in your water? There are water treatment systems designed to get rid of iron in water. Find out more.

Water Filter For Lead: Similar to Iron, Lead is also a common contaminant found in water. This problem can be solved by using lead-focused water treatment systems.

Countertop Water Filter: These are portable water filters that are placed on the kitchen’s countertop. They provide quick access to clean water for drinking.

Faucet Water Filter:  The water flowing from your tap/faucets can also be treated using faucet water filters.

Reverse Osmosis Systems: Reverse Osmosis is one of the most common and efficient water filtration methods. Find out the best RO system to get.

Water Filter Pitcher: Is similar to countertop filters in that they also provide quick access to clean drinking water. They are very portable and come in different sizes.

Water Ionizers: Do you have low pH in your water? A water ionizer can solve this problem by separating the incoming water stream into acidic and alkaline components.

Water Coolers & Dispensers: Need quick access to cold or hot drinking water? Get yourself a water dispenser!.

Water Filters Learning Guides

How Much Does a Water Filtration System Cost?: Do you ever wonder how much it would cost to get a quality water filter? This article breaks down the average water filter cost.

Is Purified Water the Same as Distilled Water?: This is one of the most common questions people ask. Here’s our research and answer.

Water Flow: The Average GPM Per Household: Do you even know the water speed (a.k.a GPM) of your house? Find out how to calculate

Water Filter vs Water Softener: What’s the Difference?: People often confuse water filter for water softener and vice-versa but are they even the same? Find out.

How To Purify Water (Purification Methods & Techniques): Learn about the different water purification methods that you can actually try at home. 

How To Get Rid Of Rotten Eggs Smell In Water: Does your water smell like rotten eggs? Don’t fret! There is something you can do

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