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Quality Water Treatment SoftPro Elite Water Softener

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Water hardness is something those with well water have to deal with every day. A water’s “hardness” simply refers to the presence of dissolved minerals, namely calcium, manganese, iron, and sulfur. Hard water isn’t harmful to your health, but it can be a pain on your appliances, causing limescale build-up and orangish-brown stains. If left untreated, the damages caused by hard water can cause costly repairs or replacements. Plus, hard water typically smells and tastes bad.

A water softener is the trick to treat hard water. It’s a significant investment, but an economical one. It will expand the life of your plumbing system and appliances, clear up stains and build-up caused by hard water, lower your energy bill (since your appliances won’t be working as hard,) keep fabrics soft and colorful, and remove the smell and taste from your water.

When shopping for a water softening system (see the best water softeners), the essential factor to consider is the product’s contaminant reduction technology. Quality Water Treatment, a family business out of California, owned by “Craig the Water Guy,” has 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing high-quality water softening systems at affordable prices. Their best-selling SoftPro Elite Water Softener for Well Water features an effective softening system by itself or with add-on packages to meet other water needs, all with a lifetime warranty!

Key Features of the SoftPro Elite Water Softener

The SoftPro Elite Water Softener by itself will soften up to 80,000 grain-capacity and includes a large 18 x 33 brine tank. QWT offers a handful of packages with this softener, and they are worth checking out. The first thing you need to do is to check your well pump’s flow rate and calculate your grain capacity. After you have these figures, you can then choose your grain capacity and GPM in order to know which package will best fit your water needs.

The basic package includes the SoftPro Well and Basic Control Valve. This system removes 3 PPM of iron from your water, and the Large 4-Line Touchpad LCD Display lets you program the system without confusing symbols or codes. The newly upgraded Fine Mesh Resin effectively removes iron, and the large 18 x 33 brine tank includes a salt grid to keep salt from clumping at the bottom of the tank. The Automatic System Refresh will flush any stagnant water after seven days of non-use, and the Automatic Reserve adjusts based on your usage. This tank is covered by a Black Neoprene Jacket to provide insulation in high humidity or cold weather. Best of all, the SoftPro Elite carries a limited lifetime warranty!

This softener has earned a Water Quality Platinum Seal through IAMPO Research and Testing. You can also get these other packages with the SoftPro Well Filter:

  • SoftProWell + KDF: Removes sulfur and heavy metals, slows bacteria growth
  • SoftProWell + PH Buster System: Neutralizes pH levels
  • SoftPro Well + Pro Iron System: Filters iron up to 30 PPM, sulfur up to 5 PPM
  • SoftPro Well +KDF Buster: Neutralizes pH levels, removes sulfur and heavy metals
  • SoftProWell + Ultimate: Neutralizes low pH, removes up to 30 PPM iron

These systems feature a NSF-certified backwash control valve that features adjustable backwash and rinse cycles, which lets you save water while maximizing performance. The user-friendly LCD display shows the regeneration mode, flow sensor, and gallons remaining. All systems feature a peak softener flow rate of 10 GPM. A free bonus of Quick Connect Hoses for ¾ or 1-inch pipes comes with these systems for easy installation.

As if you don’t have enough choices, you can also add a Reverse Osmosis Purifier with Advanced Water Alkalizer to your package. QWT’s water softener systems are much more affordable than its competitors. They also offer interest-free payment plans, which is a perk. QWT also features a seven-year warranty on the control valve and a lifetime warranty on the tank.

What does the SoftPro Elite Water Softener remove?

The basic model removes up to 3 PPM of iron, but some of the other models, like the KDF Buster, removes iron, sulfur, and heavy metals while neutralizing your water. Check out the specifics of the package you are interested in to see what it removes.

What comes with the SoftPro Elite Water Softener System?

The packages vary, but the SoftPro Elite Basic package comes with the following:

  • SoftPro Well
  • 8 x 44 mineral tank
  • 15 x 15 x 34 square brine tank
  • Salt grid
  • Brine line
  • Safety float with brine well
  • Smart digital metered on-demand control valve
  • .75 cubic feet of fine mesh resin
  • Support gravel
  • Upper valve basket
  • One-inch plastic bypass valve
  • High-quality black neoprene insulating tank jacket

What to Expect with the SoftPro Elite Water Softener System

Softpro water softener

With the SoftPro Whole House Filter, QWT advertises “easy installation,” and customers tend to agree, although if you don’t have basic experience with plumbing and pipes, you may need to hire a plumber. Some customers said that the programming was a bit confusing.

Depending on the package you buy, once installed, you will immediately notice your water smells better and tastes better. Over time, you will see that any previous limescale build-up is gone, and no more orangish-brown stains on your appliances. When laundering, your clothes will be brighter and softer, and when showering or bathing, you will notice you need to use much less soap than you used to. Some customers said the difference before and after using this water softener is “night and day!”

One of the best things about Quality Water Treatment is its customer service and support. They advertise “lifetime customer support,” and they carry that out. Not all information about their products is on their website, but if you call or email, they will respond quickly and answer your questions.

  • Comprehensive list of package combos
  • User-friendly LCD display
  • NSF-certified backwash control valve
  • Affordable price and excellent warranties
  • Some information on this product is missing from website
  • May need to hire a plumber to install

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