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Water Treatment Guides

Water softener systems are an excellent way to get rid of hard water in your home. Browse our collection of articles that will teach you everything you need to know about water treatment / softening.

Water Softener Regeneration
A water softener removes the minerals that causes hard water. Learn about the different types of softeners and how they work.

Water Treatment Systems Buyer’s Guide

Water Softener Systems are the true solution to hard water problems. Find out the best systems on the market.
Salt-Free Water Softeners eliminate water hardness without using salt. They’re the perfect alternative to salt based systems.
The Flex 56000 SXT Water Softener
Learn how much it would cost to purchase and setup a home water softener system.

Installation & Maintenance Guide

Water softeners are expensive and require occasional maintenance to keep them running efficiently. Here’s a checklist to follow.
Don’t have money to buy a new water softener? Find out how much it would cost to rent one.
Learn how to install a water softener by DIY or professional installation.

Water Softener Learning Guides

Not sure if water softeners are worth the money? This article explains why you need one.
A breakdown of the water hardness scale for water softener, the ideal hardness number & how to calculate hardness level.
Not sure if you have hard water? See our hard vs soft water comparison.
Learn how to soften water naturally without a water softener by using methods like boiling, water filters and laundry detergent.
Learn about water softener regeneration: The when, why and how.
You can actually improve your water quality without a softener buy getting any of these water softener alternatives.