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iSpring RCC7AK Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter

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The reverse osmosis process is an effective way to filter drinking water. Through this method, untreated water flows through a semipermeable membrane and carbon filters. As the water flows, the filter catches the salt, chemicals, minerals, and other contaminants. The result? Pure water, free from bacteria and minerals. Sounds great, right? Kind of.

The issue is that reverse osmosis has no way to differentiate a bad substance from a good one. So while this process is extremely effective at filtering harmful contaminants, it also filters out healthy minerals such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium.

iSpring, a family-owned company located in Alpharetta, Georgia with more than two decades in creating RO systems, produced an innovative solution: the RCC7AK Filter System which features six distinct phases that remove over 1,000 various types of contaminants from water while replenishing it with healthy minerals.

Key Features of the iSpring RCC7AK Reverse Osmosis Filter


The iSpring RCC7AK  features a 6-stage Alkaline Remineralization Layered Filtration. The three pre-filters, the PP sediment filter, the Carbon KDF (GAC) filter, and the Carbon Block filter, remove large contaminants while protecting RO membranes from chemicals such as chlorine and chloramines.

The heart of this process is the Reverse Osmosis (RO) filter that removes contaminants down to 0.0001 microns. The Fine Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) filter is the final filter before the water goes through the final stage. In the final stage, the Alkaline Remineralization restores healthy minerals and a natural alkaline balance with a pH of 7.0 or below to the water, resulting in a crisp, clear taste.

The RCC7AK Reverse Osmosis Filter produces up to 75 gallons of pure drinking water per day, which is a larger capacity than most. It is important to note that during the reverse osmosis, the wastewater goes down the drain. This system’s ratio is 2:1, meaning that for every one gallon of filtered water, two go down the drain. While this may seem excessive, it’s actually less than the average RO waste ratio of 3:1.

A cool feature in this system is the Reinforced Transparent 1st Stage Housing, which allows you actually to see the sediment filter removing contaminants from your water. With this feature, you will also see when it is time to change the filter.

In order to use this system, your incoming water pressure should be 45-70 PSI. If you don’t have this pressure, you will need another filter solution.

This system features easy do-it-yourself installation with clear, detailed instructions and “how-to” videos to complement them. iSpring excels in customer service and is there every step of the way.

A beautiful European-style kitchen faucet is included with this system. It complements any kitchen! Another perk of this system is that you can use it for either treated city water or well water. All iSpring water filter systems go through rigorous testing for air leaks, pressure, and cycle resistance, so you know you are getting a well-tested, quality product.

What does the iSpring RCC7AK Reverse Osmosis Filter remove?

This system removes 99% of over 1,000 contaminants including

  • Arsenic
  • Lead
  • Asbestos
  • Heavy metals
  • Pesticides
  • Herbicides
  • Viruses
  • Bacteria
  • Chlorine
  • Chloramine
  • Fluoride

The six-stage filtration system is extremely effective at removing harmful chemicals while replenishing your water with beneficial minerals, such as magnesium and potassium.

What Comes with the System?

 This filter comes with everything you need to install it efficiently. You will get a 3.2- gallon pressurized tank, with a 2.5-gallon holding capacity, three pre-filter housings (two opaque and one transparent), and a complete filter pack, including the Alkaline pH filter. This system is 14.5 x 6 x 17 inches and 20 pounds and should easily fit under your kitchen sink.

A beautiful European-style lead-free brushed nickel faucet also comes with this package. This faucet weighs 14 ounces, includes a ceramic disc valve, and is easy to connect.

In addition, you will get a feed water adaptor, a drain saddle, four-color tubings (1/4’ OD), spare fittings and 0-rings, and a detailed user manual.

While this system may seem like it would be expensive, it’s surprisingly easy on the budget. iSpring offers both a one-year money-back guarantee and a one-year manufacturer warranty.

What to Expect with the iSpring RCC7AK Reverse Osmosis Filter

With this system, you can expect to have clear, clean drinking water anytime with the peace of mind knowing that more than 1,0000 harmful contaminants have been cleaned from your water. Customer report that the water is crisp and delicious. Sometimes the RO system leaves water tasting “flat” and “bland,” but because the iSpring RCC7AK Reverse Osmosis Filter adds essential minerals back into the water, you can enjoy clear, purified water all the time.

The iSpring RCC7AK Reverse Osmosis Filter is designed to be installed by someone with no previous plumbing knowledge, so that’s a plus. The coded color system and detailed user manual describe the steps for anyone to understand. In addition, iSpring has a YouTube channel where helpful videos on installing their products are published.

iSpring is known for its amazing customer service as well. If you run across any issues or have any questions, feel free to reach out to this company through their live phone support.

It is important to note that the stages 1-3 filters (sediment, activated carbon, and carbon block) need to be replaced every 3-6 months. These filters are in the 10” vertical tubes and are easy to change, but some may think it is a hassle to change them that often. However, the RO membrane filter only needs to be changed every two years. iSpring sells the replacement filters in six months, one year, two years, and three years packages.

  • Six-stage filtration process for pure, clean water
  • Restores mineralization, unlike some RO systems
  • Comes with everything you need to install and start drinking clear water
  • Cost-effective solution for any home
  • Stylish faucet that will complement any room
  • Filters need changed every three months
  • Water should have 45-70 PSI pressure for filtration

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  1. Had a system like this in a previous home. Worked great until tank lost pressure and had no water flow. Changed filters as required. How to recharge tank or just replace tank?? Which is preferred?

    1. Hi Frank, low pressure and no water flow sounds like either a filter issue or something wrong with water supply to the unit. Replacing the tank shouldn’t be a concern for a very long time. Recharging the tank in terms of cycling the water through it should be done around monthly if the water has been sitting for an extended period of time. Otherwise, double check all of your connections to and within the unit and make sure all filters are replaced with the suggested time frames for each and you should have a well functioning system.

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