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Home Master Hydroperfection Review

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Reverse osmosis filtration systems can help you enjoy clean drinking water straight from your tap at home by removing contaminants and enhancing the taste of tap water. This Home Master Hydroperfection review will take an in-depth look at one of the leading brands of water filters to help you determine if this system is right for you.


Home master
The Home Master TMHP Hydroperfection is a premium reverse osmosis water filter system.

This model uses nine filtration stages to purify, sterilize, enhance, and remineralize your home’s water while removing nearly 98% of all dissolved solids.

Water produced by the home master RO system can improve the taste with added magnesium and calcium, which also lowers acidity. And a UV filter removes microorganisms without harmful chemicals like chlorine. You can expect the filters on this system to last around a year.


Home Master includes several key features that distinguish this filtration system from the competition.

Water in this unit initially runs through a sediment filter that removes large particles of debris that may damage the reverse osmosis membrane and block the other membranes. This feature helps keep your water clean and your filtration system running.

An iron filter specifically works to remove dissolved iron that can detract the taste of water and damage the reverse osmosis membrane. The Hydroperfection system uses redox media to act as a catalyst for removing the iron molecules.

Catalytic carbon filtration from a mixed media pre-filter removes harmful chemicals like herbicides, chloramines, and chloride to make your tap water safe to drink.

This device’s primary feature, the reverse osmosis membrane, acts as a semipermeable membrane capable of removing nearly 98% of all dissolved particles in the water. Only clean water can pass through the RO membrane, leaving contaminants on the other side.

Many filtration systems use harmful chemicals to sterilize water and kill bacteria. But this Home Master system uses UV light to kill microorganisms without changing water chemistry.

A final full contact mineralization system balances pH twice and adds small amounts of calcium and magnesium. These minerals improve the taste of drinking water and make it more alkaline.

Your water then flows through a non-electric permeate pump to prevent excessive water waste. The permeate pump helps improve efficiency and speed up the water flow.

Filtered drinking water stays in a 3.2-gallon storage tank, which automatically refills as you use the water. A non-air gap sink faucet also helps prevent contaminants from being reintroduced into the water as it travels from the storage tank to your drinking glass.


The unique features of the Home Master Hydroperfection system work together to provide superior performance with better efficiency and reduced water wastage.

If your system has a permeable pump, water is produced at a 1:1 rate of clean water to waste. Most standard RO systems have a 1:4 ratio of 4 gallons of water wasted for every 1 gallon made.

A minimum pressure of 40 PSI allows the permeate pump to work faster at higher water pressure. If your house has lower water PSI, you may want to purchase a booster pump to maximize this filtration device’s performance.

Installation and Maintenance

You don’t need to be a plumber to install the Hydroperfection system. Color-coded tubing guides homeowners, and a high-grade connection allows you to set up the system yourself.

Easy to follow instructions come included with this device, and the company provides live support for consumers who want to install the RO system themselves. Most of the main body is pre-assembled, so you only need to connect the storage tank, faucet, and electricity.

For maintenance, there’s no need for regular cleaning of the Home Master Hydroperfection body. Housing removes when you need to replace the filters, so there’s never any sediment build-up on the walls.

Filter Systems

This RO system from Home Master is a comprehensive filtration device that uses several different types of filters to produce clean drinking water. These filters are specialized to remove different styles and shapes of particles from your water.

Iron and sediment filters remove larger debris and particles of iron, sand, and dirt accumulated in your plumbing. These large filters work before the RO membrane to prevent large particles from damaging the reverse osmosis water.

If you have a well, you likely have a high concentration of iron in your water. So an iron filter is critical for improving the taste and removing contamination from rust.

The pre-filter for mixed media helps remove chemical impurities, and a UV sterilizer kills harmful bacteria. The RO filter is the primary filtration step that uses reverse osmosis to purify nearly all contaminants.

At the end of the process, a remineralization filter adds magnesium and calcium back into the water for enhanced taste and pH.

You should plan on replacing all filters every year, but the RO membrane may last up to 2 years.

Pros and Cons

  • Thorough filtration ideal for treating all types of water
  • Iron filter and UV sterilizer included with RO system
  • Remineralization improves taste and alkalinization before the water reaches the faucet
  • Simple installation with a pre-assembled main body
  • Additional filters make this system less streamlined and challenging to fit under a sink
  • Higher initial price point to account for extra filtration stages

The Verdict

This Home Master Hydroperfection review demonstrates that the Home Master RO system lives up to its name by using comprehensive filtration to produce near-perfect drinking water.

The filter is excellent for removing harmful chemicals like lead and chlorine. It is also a perfect choice for homeowners with well water who struggle to minimize their water’s iron content. And remineralization helps create delicious drinking water delivered at a high flow rate.

Although this device is significantly more expensive than some other RO systems, many believe that the unique features and multiple filters make this water filter an excellent investment. Consider the Home Master Hydroperfection system if you are interested in investing in a high-quality reverse osmosis water filter with extra features that you can install yourself.

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