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Brondell Water Filter Review

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The Brondell circle reverse osmosis water filtration system is a sleek, high-capacity system that aims to clear your drinking water of harmful chemicals.

Unlike ordinary RO systems, the Brondell Water Filter generates less wastewater without sacrificing your drinking water quality. We’ve decided to offer a Brondell Water Filter review to help you decide whether or not this RO system is right for your household.

Key Features

When it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle, the first place to improve upon is ensuring you have clean drinking water. The Brondell Water Filter includes several key features to ensure that your drinking water is safe and less wasteful for the environment.

Four Filters

The Brondell Water Filters integrate their tanks and filters to reduce the need for electricity to power their system. They’ve implemented a four-stage water filtration system that effectively utilizes four separate water filters to reduce industrial and harmful chemicals.

Additionally, the system comes with an auto RO filter flushing mechanism that automatically cleanses the RO membrane when in use. This extends the water filters’ lifetime for up to two years, allowing you to save money on replacements.

Reduced Wastewater

The biggest boast of the Brondell Water Filter is its smart valve. The smart valve includes a patented technology that eliminates backpressure like no other brand. It is said to be ten times more efficient than ordinary RO brands.

In regular systems, gallons of water is wasted down the drain when the water filters are in use. The Brondell Water Filter, however, reduces the backpressure that is created when the system is in use and effectively saves water from being pushed back down the drain. The six-liter reservoir is a crucial part of this efficiency and refills within an hour to offer the maximum water output necessary for your needs.

Flexible Reservoir

The Brondell Water Filter comes with a flexible reservoir that works in conjunction with the smart valve. This system expands and contracts as it fills to increase the consistency of flow. This enables the filter to work efficiently without the use of a pump or electricity.

Includes a Faucet

One thing that makes the Brondell Water Filter unique is the included chrome faucet that integrates beautifully in any home and connects easily to the water filter. This makes getting a glass of water simple and separates the filtered water from your regular sink water.

Additionally, this faucet comes with a small LED light that indicates when it is time to change over your filters. This eliminates worry and constant monitoring to know when your filters need to be changed.

Benefits of the RO System

There are several benefits of this RO system that separate it from its competitors.

  • Easy to install
  •  Sleek design/not bulky
  •  Ample PEX tubing
  •  There’s a noticeable taste difference
  •  Effectively clears out unwanted minerals
  •  Replacement filters are costly
  •  The entire system is quite large

First, the Brondell Water Filter comes with clear, easy to read instructions that make installation a breeze. It typically takes less than an hour to install. The faucet and hoses connect up easily per the instructions given, which makes installation stress-free and straightforward.

The water filtration system’s design is sleek and slim, meant to fit in any space under the sink or on the counter without detracting from the design of your home The system is not bulky and is lighter than other RO systems, so moving it is quick and easy.

There is an ample amount of PEX tubing to extend and install under any sink. Likely, you won’t need to buy a longer tube since the system comes with PEX tubing of a great length. This allows you to extend the tubing under your sink without needing to purchase extra materials.

One of the best features, of course, is the noticeable difference in water quality. The four filter system eliminates unwanted chemicals and minerals, making the water fresh and clear. The taste is comparable to Voss water, though it could be considered better!

The downsides of this water system are minimal. A significant concern is the cost of replacement for the water filters. Replacement of the four-filters will only be necessary every six months, and the RO membrane should be replaced every two years.

The auto RO flushing system helps to increase the filters’ lifespan so that they don’t need to be changed often. The filters last up to two years and, in the long run, save you much time and money in comparison to other RO systems.

Additionally, the entire system is quite large for some households. Again, thanks to its sleek design, it can be placed on the counter if necessary. However, the Brondell Water Filter fits under most kitchen sinks.

Additional Information

Several other features make this water filter an excellent option for many households. The water pressure range operates from 40-120 psi for incoming water pressure. The system’s output is measured by flow rate, which is anywhere between .26-.37 gallons of water per minute. It takes approximately 2.7 to 3.8 minutes to fill up a gallon using this water filtration system.

Another interesting feature is the lead-free and BPA-free lining within the tank. Instead, the inner tank is lined with durable plastic to keep you and your family safe from any contaminants.

Overall Thoughts

This Brondell Water Filter review has concluded several things regarding this RO system. First, it’s a more efficient system than its competition, and the reduction of wastewater is ideal for the environment and your home. The quality of the water is not detracted in any way, thanks to the four-filter system.

While this system may be large for some households, it has a sleek, non-bulky design that allows it to integrate smoothly into your home. And while replacement filters can be costly, the two-year lifespan guarantee saves homeowners money in the long run while offering quality water for the whole family to enjoy.

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