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The Top Rated Gas Powered Tankless Water Heaters Right Now

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During the cold, frigid winter months, the last thing any of us wants to deal with is a sky-high energy bill.

Thankfully, the best tankless gas water heater systems can help us slash our energy costs while also saving us lots of space in our house—in fact; many are small enough to squeeze inside a kitchen cabinet.

Are you interested in saving money and space by upgrading to a gas powered water heater? In this article, our experts go over the top rated tankless gas water heater reviews to give you an idea of what to look out for and which products are worth investing in for the best savings possible.

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Best Tankless Gas Water Heaters
Editor’s Choice
  • British Thermal Units (BTU): 199000
  • Gallons Per Minute (gpm): 9.8
  • Weight (lbs): 82
  • British Thermal Units (BTU): 199000
  • Gallons Per Minute (gpm): 9.5
  • Weight (lbs): 79
  • British Thermal Units (BTU): 120000
  • Gallons Per Minute (gpm): 6.6
  • Weight (lbs): 39
  • British Thermal Units (BTU): 140000
  • Gallons Per Minute (gpm): 6.6
  • Weight (lbs): 37
  • British Thermal Units (BTU): 90000
  • Gallons Per Minute (gpm): 3.6
  • Weight (lbs): 29

Best Gas Tankless Water Heater

1) Rinnai RUC98iN Ultra


The Rinnai RUC98iN Ultra is one of the finest tankless gas-powered water heater systems on the market, with a 0.96 Energy Factor (EF) and up to 0.92 Uniform Energy Factor (UEF).

Made by the heating and cooling technology experts at Rinnai, this device has an astounding 199,000 maximum BTU output for supreme heating performance.

When we first got our hands on the RUC98iN Ultra, we doubted whether it could live up to its price tag and performance standards. After using it for several months and noticing how quickly our utility bills have gone down, we were satisfied with our purchase.

Although it may be slightly overpowered for the average 2 or 3-bedroom household, it got the job done for us.

As soon as we removed this water heater from its box, what stood out the most for us was how compact its form factor was. In other words, we could not believe how small this heater turned out to be.

Better yet, all the installation materials including twin PVC pipes were included in the box, making it a breeze to set-up without any trips to the hardware store.

  • Ultra-low NO2 emissions
  • The compact form factor makes for easy installation anywhere in the house
  • Can choose between PVC or concentric venting options
  • High-powered 199,000 max BTU output
  • Stainless steel finish provides sleek, modern appearance
  • Heavy 82 lbs. Construction
  • Only one-year limited warranty for labor (12-year on heat exchanger)


Although users were 100% satisfied with their purchase of the RUC98iN, we feel obliged to point out the various design flaws and drawbacks that we noticed about this model.

In particular, its heavy frame and less-than-comprehensive warranty hold is back from receiving our full endorsement.

2) Rheem RTGH-95DVLN


The Rheem RTGH-95DVLN provides big savings while maintaining an incredible flow output. With an astounding 9.5 GPM flow, this device provides more than enough hot water to supply multiple shower heads with an endless amount of steaming hot water.

Plus, with an energy efficiency rating of 94%, you can sleep well knowing that you are not putting any gas to waste.

Featuring a stainless steel design, this product looks sleek and elegant no matter where you install it in the house. Whether it is in a kitchen cabinet or under the sink in the bathroom, there are plenty of inconspicuous locations in the house that the RTGH-95DVLN can fit inside.

Even if it is in the bedroom, the Rheem’s Low Noise output feature makes for silent heating at all hours.

If you want to make any fine-tuning adjustments to your water supply system, you can easily do so with the RTGH-95DVLN thanks to its patented control panel technology.

This heater features state-of-the-art intelligent electronic controls that are tailored to increase energy efficiency and ensure user safety. In our experience, navigating these controls was simple and straightforward.

Unlike other brands, we were pleased to find that this product line is listed by an independent third-party vendor, the AHRI, as one of the most energy-efficient tankless gas-powered water heaters.

For us, this provided enough peace of mind to convince us to take a shot on this machine—and we have not regretted that decision for a second.

  • A whopping 94% energy efficiency rating
  • Low Noise technology keeps the machine running silent all day and night
  • Artificially intelligent (AI) control center maintains proper temperature regulation
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger prevents decay or calcium buildup
  • One of the bestselling gas-powered heaters on the market
  • Not as affordable as other models
  • Steep installation costs and fitting fees
  • More powerful than what many small households require


If you are searching for a tankless gas-powered water heater that can supply hot water for a 2.5-bathroom house with ease, you might want to consider investing in a RTGH-95DVLN.

After parsing through hundreds of first-hand user reviews online, we endorse this gas water heater if you need to conserve space and energy while maintaining your initial flow output.

3) Noritz NRC661-DV-NG


If you want an endless supply of hot water, you should trust the best tankless gas water heater systems to get the job done. For this, you might want to check out the Noritz NRC661 to see if it suits your household’s unique needs.

At a moderate price point, this Noritz system provides premium-grade value and is one of the best tankless gas water heater devices available.

All you need is a standard schedule 40 PVC pipe to fit this water heater to your household water supply. Since it is highly compact, there should be no issue installing this system in under an hour with only one man.

Plus, if you happen to botch the installation process and something goes wrong, you can rest easy knowing that you are covered by a comprehensive warranty.

With the Noritz NRC661, you can provide a 2-bathroom household with enough hot water if you live in a southern climate. However, colder environments are limited to a 1.5-bathroom capacity due to increased heating demands.

Regardless, if you have a smaller household that needs a reliable flow of hot water, you may have the perfect solution with the NRC661.

  • It can be easily installed by anyone who knows how to fit PVC pipe
  • The 6.6GPM output provides impressive performance
  • Energy Star certified
  • It comes with a comprehensive user manual and start-up guide
  • Slightly inflated price for the value provided
  • Lackluster parts and labor warranty compared to rival brands


No product is perfect, much less a gas-powered water heater. With the NRC661, there is a handful of positive and negative attributes that make it stand out from the competition.

Although it is priced a bit higher than comparable brands, the NRC661 provides great value if you consider the easy installation and solid GPM output.

4) Takagi T-KJr2


Made by one of the leading Japanese brands of water heaters, the Takagi T-KJr2 is a true marvel of modern engineering. This device, although small, can produce an impressive 140,000 BTU output and reach a maximum GPM of 6.6.

In other words, looks can be deceiving with the small but mighty T-KJr2.

Although we must admit that we were skeptical that we could receive 6.6GPM performance at a budget-friendly price, we were pleasantly surprised. Requiring only 120V of AC power and natural gas supply, this system can produce a surprising flow of hot water with minimal demands placed on your household.

If you want to conserve space, save money, slash your electric bills, and modernize your home, you might want to think about investing in this Takagi water heater. Boasting a tankless design, this model bypasses any space restriction you might have in your home.

Instead, it can be easily installed by one man or woman regardless of their experience doing handyman work.

Ultimately, the main selling point with this device is the Energy Factor (EF), which sits around 0.8-0.83, making the T-KJr2 one of the most efficient systems on the market.

Thanks to its impressive insulation capability, you likely won’t have to worry about efficiency degradation over time. Instead, this device will provide you with energy cost savings for many years with proper maintenance.

  • High performance 140,000 max BTU output
  • The 6.6GPM flow rate is perfect for 1.5-2-bathroom households
  • Impressive EF rating of 0.8-0.83
  • Digital thermistor for regular temperature monitoring
  • Energy Star and US Department of Energy compliant
  • Four-inch stainless steel venting is required


Though it is true that there is plenty of upsides associated with this tankless water heater, there is a healthy amount of criticism floating around online as well.

Based on our research, we think that the formidable 6.6GPM and durable build quality make this model worth the investment if your space has room for adequate venting.

5) Eccotemp FVI-12


When it comes to finding the perfect balance between safety, performance and elegant design in a gas-powered water heater, the Eccotemp FVI-12 makes the mark.

This high-performance gas-powered water heater provides a safe and steady supply of hot water at a fraction of the cost of most other household gas water heaters.

A budget-friendly solution, the Eccotemp FVI-12 provides enough power at 3.6GPM to supply a small home or apartment with relative ease. If you need an easy-to-read thermostat system with your water heater, the FVI-12 comes standard with LED indicator lights to provide easy adjustments and tweaks to temperature settings.

If you have a family home, chances are you are most concerned with maintaining high safety standards. For this, you should look no further than the FVI-12 since its electrical and gas safety benchmarks are superior to most other water heaters on the market, especially tank-type systems.

Installation with the FVI-12 is a simple process that involves a single standard half-inch NPT water fitting and PVC pipe. In under an hour, any household should be able to install this system with only one adult on the job.

You will be glad you made the switch and took the time to install it once you see how dramatic your monthly cost savings will be after you have upgraded.

  • Comes with extended manufacturer’s warranty
  • Incredibly low price makes it affordable for most people
  • Compact, tankless design conserves space in the house
  • Provides industry-leading performance at a fraction of the usual cost
  • Respectable 3.6GPM can supply reliable flow output
  • Sub-par customer service
  • Tends to leak after prolonged usage
  • It has a hard time supplying two showers at once


With the FVI-12, there are several important things that every potential buyer should be aware of. Since it is a budget-minded product, occasional leakages and slow-downs (especially in cold weather climates) may occur.

However, you might be satisfied with a FVI-12 if you live in a warmer climate and live in a smaller household that won’t need to supply more than one shower at once.

Pre-Purchase Considerations

Gas Tankless Water Heater

As you can see above, there is a ton of information that needs to be absorbed if you want to make an informed and knowledgeable tankless gas water heater purchase. However, we believe that buying a water heater should never be a hassle or cause any headaches.

This is why we put together the following list of pointers and takeaways to help you remember all the major details while you are shopping for the best tankless gas water heater:

  • Do not stoop below 6.6GPM if you need to supply a two-bathroom household
  • Colder climates tend to reduce performance standards in gas water heaters
  • Non-vented machines have an easier installation and set-up process
  • Look for warranties on parts, labor, and heat exchangers
  • Stainless steel can help prevent calcium buildup and reduce cleaning demands


Who knew that so much went into buying a tankless gas water heater. Although it may seem like a challenge to find the right system for your specific needs, we hope that our guidelines above make it a little easier on you and your family. While it might be a hassle in the short-term to upgrade, just think of the awesome cash savings you will get every month by switching.

Ultimately, you will get the most value out of your tankless gas water heater if you need to conserve space in your home and care about reducing your monthly bills.

Simply by migrating to a tankless system, you can expect to cut your energy bill in half every month if your pre-existing system is from the 80s or prior. In other words, these heaters almost always pay for themselves.

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